Wall Bed Unit, Twin size with sofa and reclining shelf.

Dimensions 138 × 120 × 240 cm
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A unique multi-functional bed that is perfect for saving space, it folds out of a cabinet to provide you with extra space in your bedroom. You may be looking for a murphy bed if you are looking for a unique solution to your home office or spare bedroom to help better utilize the space in your home. With this tall unit, you may have additional storage features such as book shelves, wardrobes, TV units. Space Saving wall bed units are matching standard mattresses sizes.
This type offers a complementary couch, 75cm depth, length across the bed width.
Recommended mattress size: 195cm* 120cm* 18cm.
Crafted with manufactured wood panels, factory finish color and texture.

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Dimensions 138 × 120 × 240 cm

Dark olive, Greige